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About Us

Auswide Buyers Agency was born from the desire to help others find Financial Freedom through property. Property Investment can seem overwhelming, time consuming and unattainable for many. However, armed with right tools and knowledge, the opportunities to build substantial wealth through property are endless.

What we do

Profits are there to be made – you just need to know where to look.

Through tried-and-tested investment strategies, comprehensive market research and simple, actionable advice, we provide our clients with the opportunity to achieve the financial independence they’ve always sought, through property. An Australia-wide buyer’s agency, we use comprehensive market analysis, reports and figures – the same ones used by the industry – to identify the areas where growth is most likely to occur.

We believe the simplest way to mitigate risk is to seek value-add opportunities with maximum rental yields, resulting in investments that earn more than they cost and are cash flow positive with no compromise to growth. There are many benefits to the above strategy, often having lower entry price, stamp duty and taxes, as well as the potential to be used as payment for a principal or additional property investment in future.

Throughout the investment process, we explain our strategy through consistent, open and honest communication, explaining the data we use, where it came from and what it means. This means not only do our customers benefit from our service, they are also educated along the way, learning lifelong skills.

Where we came from

A self-described ‘typical migrant’, Auswide Buyers Agency’s founder Ashish Malhotra first came to Australia in 2014, with just a few thousand dollars in his bank account. With an accomplished career of over 15 years in management and IT within the banking and lending sector, Ashish decided to pursue a deep passion for property investment.

Since diving into the world of real estate, in just over seven years Ashish accumulated a multi-million dollar portfolio worth over 4.5m, with over 2.3m in equity. Early mornings, late nights and even when traveling, he researched, read, networked, spoke to agents, read some more and utilized his skills to trust in the data.

After extensive groundwork, Ashish’s first deal went through in 2015. The second, 2016. By 2017, Ashish’s friends and family had noticed the undeniable growth of his portfolio, so he shared with them his knowledge and insight – showing them how to deploy innovative strategies while at the same time keeping things simple. It soon became clear that although he was qualified as a mortgage broker, what aligned most with his values was working for the buyer – as a buyer’s agent.

Ashish is now on the pathway to achieve similar results for his clients, irrespective of which stage they are in their journey. He spends extensive one-on-one time with each customer to identify the perfect strategy for their unique situation. Today, Auswide Buyers Agency operates across Australia, in states like Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. Whether you are a homebuyer, rentvestor, SMSF investor or an advanced investor, you just need to pick your phone and get into a discussion now to see how we can support you.

Get in touch with Auswide Buyers Agency today and let’s work towards finding your financial freedom.

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