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Testimonial – AJ & Anie

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AJ & Anie

Professionals in NSW
Investments in VIC


AJ and Anie were very confused when we initially met. They had lots on their minds and were hesitant to trust someone with their hard-earned savings and financial future.

As time has progressed, they have educated themselves, own multiple properties and are on the way to build a successful portfolio to support them for their future.

The journey has been full of ups and downs but each time, the duo has trusted us and has emerged as a winner. They have bought a couple of investments through us and trusted us enough to refer their friends and family.

We would be happy to partner with them until their goals are achieved.


I met Ashish 7 years ago and have seen him passionate over the subject related to property. I have seen him working independently with confidence which can be only seen in someone with great subject knowledge.

I happened to buy my first investment property through Ashish which performed exactly as he mentioned. That choice was quite life-changing which provided financial returns that anyone can dream about.

I knew from day 1, the property is an overwhelming subject which made me nervous. I was worried after hearing horror stories of people losing many thousands with no growth which can be very very stressful.

However, I had full faith in Ashish and he explained to me at every step to bust any myths or clear all my doubts. It all worked like a charm. I got similar results for all my investments and now I’m already working with him for my next investment.

I would highly recommend Ashish to anyone looking for property investment and accelerate their portfolio.


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